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Trafi boss resigns over privacy breach

There is not yet a timescale for reopening the service, which allowed users to view anyone's driving license.

Mia Nykopp
Mia Nykopp Image: Handout / Lehtikuva

The head of the Finnish Transport Safety Agency Mia Nykopp has resigned after a privacy breach that allowed details about every driver in the country to be easily accessible online.

“In order to calm the situation and restore trust around the operation of Trafi’s public driver information service, I have decided to step aside from my role as director of Trafi,” said Nykopp in a statement released by the Ministry for Communications and Transport.

She will be replaced on a temporary basis by Olli Lindroos, another official at the agency. The driver information service remains suspended as officials work to fix it.

The ministry has not yet announced a timescale to reopen the service. Transport Minister Anne Berner said that she respects Nykopp’s decision.

“She has taken the situation seriously, understood that the situation had damaged Trafi and that she as director should take responsibility,” said Berner, who denied discussing Nykopp’s position with her before she resigned.

Since July it has been possible to view details of every driver’s license online, and to check if they have a valid license. Trafi shut down the service on Sunday.

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