Trafi: Cash for clunkers scheme brought 8,000 lower-emission cars onto the roads

Finland’s Cash for Clunkers scheme saw 8,000 older vehicles taken off the roads to be replaced by newer, more environmentally friendly cars.

Autoa rutataan raskaalla metallipainolla.
Romutukseen toimitettavat autot ovat keskimäärin 19 vuotta vanhoja. Image: Juha Korhonen / Yle

The Transport Safety Agency Trafi says it's pleased with last year's cash for clunkers programme.

The scheme involved turning in older cars for discounts on newer, lower-emission vehicles.

The average age of the clunkers handed in was 19 years. Trafi says it spent about 8 million euros on the programme, which paid out 1,500 euros for every registered car taken off the roads when the owner bought a new one that adhered to strict environmental standards.

Specifically the new car had to emit less than 120 grams of carbon dioxide per kilometre driven.

Trafi says that the cars bought under the scheme emit an average of 107 grams of carbon dioxide per kilometre, whereas the average for cars in Finland is 122 grams.

Trafi’s research suggests that around 60 percent of the new cars bought under the scheme would not have been purchased without it.

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