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Train delays following fatality in north Helsinki

Delays in capital region rail services on Tuesday morning have had knock-on effects on long-distance train services.

Juna Helsingin päärautatieasemalla.
Some commuters faced long waits in the cold. Image: Janne Lindroos / Yle

The Finnish Transport Agency warns travellers to expect rail delays and cancellations throughout the morning.

State Railways VR reports delays on Tuesday following "a personal injury" in Tapanila, part of north-eastern Helsinki's Malmi district, as well as a fault in the railway system train services. Initially commuter trains between Helsinki and Kerava and Tikkurila were halted for nearly an hour.

The daily Helsingin Sanomat quotes the Helsinki City Rescue Department as saying that a person was hit by a train and killed at the Tapanila station around 6:15 am.

Bus and Metro delays, too

Some Metro and bus services were also delayed or cancelled for various reasons on the cold, snowy morning.

The capital region's problems have had knock-on effects on national rail routes, with some long-distance trains heading out of Helsinki delayed.

Those heading out of the capital to Oulu and Vaasa were running about 45 minutes late as of mid-morning. Trains to Joensuu and Pieksämäki were delayed by 30-35 minutes, with shorter delays on those to Tampere.

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