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Trending baby names in 2015: Venla and Ellen for girls, Leo and Emil for boys

Trends are everywhere these days, and baby names are no exception. A review by the Family Federation of Finland indicates that the most popular names for Finnish babies were Venla and Leo. The country’s Swedish-speaking minority opted for the names Ellen and Emil more often than other candidates.

Äiti pitelee lapsen kättä.
Image: Henrietta Hassinen / Yle

Last year the name most frequently chosen by Finnish parents for their infant girls was Venla. Some 394 more little girls now answer to the name. Venla had already been among the favourite choices back in 2014, when it came in seventh on the list of most popular girl’s names.

Other well-loved girls’ names from 2014 also survived into 2015. They included Sofia, which came in second last year and topped the ranking in 2014, as well as Aada, Aino and Elsa.

The most popular boys’ names also remained relatively unchanged between 2014 and 2015, with only the first and second-favourites swapping places over the one-year interval. Last year 408 families welcomed little Leos into the fold. Other popular names were Elias – 2014’s top boy’s name – as well as Onni, Eino and Oliver.

Ellen, Emil most popular among Swedish speakers

Among Finland’s Swedish speaking minority, the leading girl's name was Ellen, given to 31 babies, and Emil, granted to 43 boys.

Other girls’ names contending for the top position were Saga, Amanda, Elsa and Ida. Runner-up names for boys included Oliver, William, Lucas and Max. The statistics show that between 2014 and 2015, there was also little variation in the most popular names for babies born to Swedish speakers.

The ranking of last year’s most popular baby names was based on the names given to 56,546 of 57,400 babies born in 2015. Some 27,541 were girls and 29,005 boys. Just over 48,000 were Finnish speakers, while 3,349 were Swedish speaking.

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