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Tropical nights in store for central, southern Finland

The term "tropical night" refers to a night during which the lowest temperature does not dip below 20 degrees.

Ylin lämpötila -säägrafiikka.
Expected highest temperatures on Tuesday, Wednesday and Thursday, according to Yle meteorologist Matti Huutonen. Image: Matti Huutonen / Yle

The overnight temperatures during the second half of this week in southern and central Finland will be nearly tropical, according to Yle meteorologists. The nighttime temperatures from Wednesday to Saturday will hover just below 20 degrees Celsius.

The meteorological term "tropical night" refers to a night during which the lowest temperature does not dip below 20 degrees.

Yle meteorologist, Matti Huutonen, said that it is difficult to truly tell the difference between 19 or 20 degree air temperatures, however. The nighttime air can still feel stuffy, even if temperatures remain below 20 degrees, he explained.

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Alin lämpötila -säägrafiikka.
Expected lowest temperatures on Wednesday, Thursday and Friday. Image: Matti Huutonen / Yle
This month is on track to be the warmest June on record in Finland.

In Lapland on Monday, the temperature was still a relatively scorching 27 degrees at 9pm. Meanwhile that same evening, a bit southward in Ostrobothnia, a temperature reading of 25 degrees was recorded at 8pm.

Cooler weekend

Temperatures are expected to go down in Lapland over the weekend, due to a cool air system blowing in from the Arctic Ocean, according to Yle forecasters. Temperatures in Lapland will hover around 15 degrees over the weekend while the mercury could reach up to 30 degrees in southern Finland.

Next week's forecast remains unclear, however. It's possible that even warmer air temperatures could arrive from the west, further heating up southern and central parts of the country.

There does not appear to be any significant rainfall in store this week, at least, according to the forecast.

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