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True Finns Publish Election Manifesto

The populist True Finns Party has unveiled its manifesto for the upcoming parliamentary election. It advocates tax increases for the higher paid, opposes the mention of Finland’s EU membership in the country’s constitution and demands cuts in social benefits for immigrants.

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The party also wants to increase capital gains tax from the current level of 28 percent to 30 percent. No changes in turnover and energy taxes are envisaged. On the other hand, the party is ready to increase taxes on alcoholic beverages and maintain current taxes on tobacco products.

No mention should be made in the Finnish Constitution of the country’s EU membership, the party demands. It says no constitutional protection should be given to EU membership. However, the party’s manifesto does not call for Finland’s secession from the EU, although it does reiterate opposition to federalism within the Union. The True Finns demand the expulsion from the EMU of those nations not adhering to its membership criteria. The party also opposes possible Turkish EU membership.

The True Finns support the continuation of conscription and oppose Finnish membership of NATO. In the party’s view, any government proposal to join the alliance should put to a referendum.

A cut in Finnish development aid to the tune of 200 million euros is proposed. Also on the True Finns list of cuts are a reduction in Finland's contribution to the EU, grants to businesses, an end to compulsory tuition of Swedish in schools and a downsizing of YLE broadcasts in Swedish.

On the question of immigration, the True Finns manifesto states that Finns alone should decide themselves on what basis a foreigner should visit the country and reside here.

The party vehemently opposes any kind of immigration where Finnish working conditions are ignored and taxes remain unpaid.

Immigrants should accept and observe Finnish laws and cultural norms, the manifesto notes. Those immigrants granted a residence permit should not receive social benefits.

Refugee quotas must be linked to economic reality, the party’s manifesto adds. If cuts must be made to public funds and service, refugee quota levels should also be axed, the True Finns demand.

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