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Tuesday may bring violent thunderstorms

Warnings have been issued for heavy downpours in inland parts of Finland.

Salamoita taivaalla
The fiercest thunderstorms will probably be in inland parts of Southwest Finland. Image: Leonid Tit / AOP

The streak of warm weather in recent days is set to end on Tuesday in many parts of Finland, as locally violent thunderstorms cool temperatures in inland areas of southern and central Finland.

Yle meteorologist Joonas Koskela says that more than 20 millimetres of rain may fall per hour in some parts. A warning of heavy rain has been issued for Southwest Finland, Southern Ostrobothnia, Central Finland and North Savo.

"The fiercest thunderstorms will probably be in inland parts of Southwest Finland. The coast will stay dry," he predicts.

"In the southwest, there are official warnings of forest and grassfire risk as well as for heavy rain. The fire warnings will likely be lifted when the rain arrives," Koskela says.

In northern Finland the weather will be cloudy and quite a bit cooler than in the south.

T-storms on Wednesday too

Koskela expects thunderstorms to continue on Wednesday in southern and western parts of the country, starting a few dozen kilometres from the coast.

"Wednesday will still be quite a warm day, even though temperatures probably won't quite reach the 25-degree [Celsius] mark," he says. Then cooler air will begin to flow down from the north.

"Thursday's temperatures will max out at around 20 degrees," Koskela predicts.

Monday has been the warmest day of the year so far.

Koskela says the hottest places were the western towns of Pori and Kokemäki, where the mercury climbed to 27.6 degrees.

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