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Tuesday night's snow and sleet may cause havoc on southern roads

Some areas in southern Finland could receive snow accumulations of more than 10 cm on Tuesday night.

Ihmisiä lumimyräkässä.
File photo. Image: Tommi Ekholm / AOP

Snow, freezing rain and cold temperatures in the south and southeast of Finland will make roads very slippery on Tuesday evening and Wednesday's morning commute.

According to Yle meteorologist Matti Huutonen, driving conditions in the region will be bad or very bad due to the wintery mess.

The southern snow will continue into Wednesday morning, which could cause problems for drivers.

Daytime high temperatures will be below freezing on Wednesday in most southern areas. Around the southern coast it will be between zero and -4 degrees Celsius, and between zero and -2 degrees on the southwest coast.

In southeast Finland, temperatures of -2 to -5 degrees are expected on Wednesday, while the high temperature in central areas will be around -6 degrees. It will be significantly colder farther north, in Finnish Lapland, which will feature temperatures ranging from -12 to -17 degrees Celsius.

Chilling weather Thursday

The southern half of the country will chill down quite a bit on Thursday, due to a low pressure system over Lapland, according to Huutonen.

Daytime high temperatures of -8 degrees are expected in the south on Thursday, and around -10 degrees in central areas, according to the Finnish Meteorological Institute.

The far east of Finland will hover around -11 degrees.

But up north in Finnish Lapland temperatures will likely get a bit milder on Thursday, compared to Wednesday's forecast, featuring daytime high temperatures between -7 to -11 degrees Celsius.

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