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Tuesday’s papers: Changing political discourse, roaming problems, and a liquorice frock

Tuesday's press looks at social media’s impact on political speech, troubles abroad for Telia customers, and a delicious-looking dress.

Turisteja Alanyassa uima-altaalla.
Telia customers were unable to make calls or send messages on Monday due to a glitch in roaming services. Image: Sven Simon / AOP

Helsingin Sanomat reports on criticism by the parliamentary group chairs of the language being used by politicians, and a warning that social media - particularly twitter - is responsible for a change in how MPs communicate. A number of politicians have been sharply criticised for the language they use both in parliament and on social media, with three prominent MPs the subject of a recent police investigation.

Kai Mykkänen of the National Coalition Party tells HS that MPs seem more concerned with creating attention-grabbing soundbites than serious political debate.

"The frustrating thing is that the content of the discussion has become more visually appealing and focused on superficial dexterity. The focus is spectacular one minute snapshot, which attempts to make a point in a couple of sentences. I think this has to do with the emphasis on social media," Mykkänen said.

The paper lists the opinions of each of the party chairs in parliament, revealing a consensus that the political discourse is changing - and social media is to blame. For example, Antti Lindtman of the Social Democratic party tells HS that he believes social media encourages people to say things loudly rather than constructively, and this naturally has an effect on politicians too.

Lindtman has a very concrete - and Finnish - solution to this issue: get the politicians from different parties together over a cup of coffee and discuss what to do.

Telia troubles

Tabloid Ilta-Sanomat reports that mobile operator Telia’s roaming service stopped working all over the world on Monday - leaving thousands of Finnish people currently abroad unable to make calls, send messages or use mobile data.

Timo Saxén, Senior Communications Advisor at Telia, told IL that the outage was caused by two separate malfunctions which occurred at the same time.

"In Sweden, a hardware fault occurred early in the day on Monday which affected foreign traffic. At the same time, there was a physical malfunction in the backup route cable," Saxén told the tabloid.

As Telia’s international traffic passes through Sweden, customers were left without service for a number of hours until Telia fixed the problem late last night.

Good enough to eat

Tabloid Iltalehti reports from the Helsinki Liquorice Festival which took place over the past weekend, and especially an eye-catching (and mouth-watering) dress designed by Jyväskylä-based artist Maaria Salminen.

Salminen tells IL that the dress took over 100 hours to make and required about 6 kilograms of liquorice - although she admits that a few pieces of the material may have been eaten along the way.

There is a video accompanying the article, which shows the dress in all its glory, and the artist also tells IL that her future plans include a dress made from playing cards.

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