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Tuesday’s papers: Finnkino stops showing Finns Party ad, migrant labour rights and blue-collar jobs

No more shows of a Finns Party ad, Finnwatch accuses Valio subcontractors of migrant labour abuses and Oulu employment worries.

 Youtubesta otettu kuvakaappaus, jossa näkyy pysäytyskuva perussuomalaisten eduskuntavaalikampanjavideosta (V niin kuin ketutus).
A YouTube screenshot of the Finns Party's parliamentary campaign video. Image: Lehtikuva

Helsingin Sanomat reports that cinema chain Finnkino stopped showing a Finns’ Party ad campaign at its cinemas on Tuesday. The six-minute long video depicts politicians and journalists taking bribes and foreigners preying on women and children.

Critics said the ad -- showing Finns’ frustration growing into a vengeful beast attacking decision-makers -- crossed the line.

While Finnkino initially said their ad selection board had no problem with the video, but later took to Twitter to say the company doesn’t stand for racism or discrimination. The company later said that it stopped showing the add because the contract for the campaign ended on Tuesday.

Valio and migrant workers' rights

Corporate responsibility watchdog Finnwatch says two of Finnish dairy giant Valio’s subcontractors in Thailand have sidelined migrant workers’ rights, according to Swedish-language daily Hufvudstadsbladet.

One of the companies, which supplies pineapples, doesn’t give workers holiday pay and forces migrant workers to absorb recruitment fees for working in Thailand. Another Valio subcontractor that manufactures thickening agents was found to be in breach of several Thai labour laws.

Valio said it had taken action to correct the problems reported by Finnwatch.

Earlier this year Finnwatch reported that the majority of Finland’s baby box products are made in sweatshop locations, as social insurance institution Kela's selection criteria prioritises low prices over suppliers' social responsibility.

Paper workers feel pinch

Business daily Kauppalehti picks up on recent news that forest products giant Stora Enso may be cutting up to 400 jobs in Oulu.

Paper factory jobs have been lucrative for local residents, with floor workers earning some 55,000 euros a year.

The forest products giant's closure of a production line could be major blow to the northern city's struggling economy. KL said line workers will have a more difficult time finding new jobs than the 3,750 engineers Nokia fired in Oulu in 2012.

Edit 2.4.2019 at 20.28: Finnkino did not pull or backpedal Finns’ Party ad campaign, it just stopped showing the ad as the campaign was due to end.

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