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Tuesday's papers: Gift register fail, offline life and protest switch

Papers on Tuesday include stories on a parliamentary gift register, digital distractions, and a rescheduling of protest around the Trump-Putin summit.

Tietokoneen näppäimet
Stepping away from the computer might be good for your ability to focus. Image: Henrietta Hassinen / Yle

On Tuesday Aamulehti reports on efforts to increase transparency in parliament through the introduction of a gift register. MPs are invited to register all gifts they receive worth more than 400 euros, to demonstrate they have nothing to hide and increase public trust in the political process.

There are, however, no consequences for failing to register gifts. So far, reports AL, just nine legislators have made a total of 13 declarations on the register. The remaining 191 MPs have either failed to register gifts or not received any.

Not a single Social Democrat, Left Alliance, Swedish people's Party or Centre Party representative has registered a gift. Blue Reform's Simon Elo, three Greens, four Finns Party MPs and two from the National Coalition have declared items on the register.

The most common item declared on the register so far has been travel paid for by someone other than the MP concerned.

Focus on disconnecting

Helsingin Sanomat features a story on how to concentrate when faced with the full array of modern digital distractions. It's a tough task, and Hesari suggests breathing exercises, focusing on the moment, and performing simple physical tasks.

Perhaps the most revolutionary piece of HS advice, however, is the simplest: turn off your internet connection. In fact the article itself is not available to read until the reader's device is disconnected from the web.

Demonstration switch

HS also reports that organisers of the Helsinki Calling demonstration to coincide with a meeting between Donald Trump and Vladimir Putin have switched their protest to Sunday, having originally scheduled their rally for Monday 16 July.

The Helsinki paper quotes organisers as saying they made the decision themselves, and were not asked by police to move the demo. Organisers expect some 15,000 people to turn up, of home around 10,000 have indicated interest via the Facebook event.

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