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Tuesday's papers: Grocery delivery experiments, police officer accidentally shoots colleague, Elisa CEO's comments upsets some customers

In Tuesday's newspapers we found stories about how grocery delivery services are struggling to catch on, in Hämeenlinna a police officer was accidentally shot by a fellow officer and statements by a major telecom CEO that Finnish salaries were too high has raised the ire of some customers.

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The two leading supermarket chains in Finland are still working out the kinks in their grocery internet and delivery services, reports Swedish-language daily Hufvudstadsbladet.

The paper reports that S-Group, which runs grocery chains like Prisma and S-Market - and Kesko, which runs K-Market chains, are still trying to find new ways for people to buy groceries.

As alternatives to walking into a brick and mortar store and wandering the aisles of grocery shelves, the companies offer two other alternatives. Customers can order items online and have them delivered or they can pre-order online and pick up the items themselves.

Both of the relatively new services incur fees, but the companies say they also save time.

It is families with children who buy groceries most via the internet the companies told the paper, with the demographic accounting for some 70 percent of all online grocery orders.

According to the head of development at S-Group Jarkko Vippola, older customers also use the service.

"The other group is a bit older, once our service is developed and becomes easier to use, there's potential in that group," Vippola told the paper.

But at this point the sales haven't amounted to much. A Kesko representative told the paper that internet-based orders account for less than one-half percent of its stores' daily sales.

The paper reports that both firms are trying out new services. Prisma stores recently nixed their home delivery in lieu of a self-pickup service, while Kesko Citymarkets have just begun testing home delivery.

Depending on location and time the price of K-Market home delivery rages from about ten to 15 euros per order. Self-pickup service at S-Group shops ranges between three to seven euros.

Officer shot by colleague in Hämeenlinna

A police officer was shot after a fellow officer's handgun went off accidentally on Sunday in Hämeenlinna, according to an STT brief in Iltalehti.

The officer who was shot did not suffer life-threatening injury, according to the prosecutor's office of eastern Uusimaa.

A preliminary investigation has begun and officials would not comment about the nature of the incident, where it took place, or the age of the officers.

District prosecutor Tarmo Tanner said that it would take several weeks before details about the incident would be released.

Elisa CEO hears back from customers

Mobile services firm Elisa's CEO Veli-Matti Mattila's comments over the weekend that he thinks average wages in Finland are too high received immediate criticism from some politicians - and now from his firm's customers, according to business paper Taloussanomat.

Mattila, in his capacity as head of the business organisation the Confederation of Finnish Industries (EK), said that compared to countries like Sweden and Germany, salaries are too high in Finland. He said wages should be lowered by 10 to 15 percent.

The outrage likely stems from the fact that Mattila earns some 70 times that of the average worker in Finland.

In response to his comments, some customers have threatened to switch phone companies, according to Taloussanomat.

Services chief at Elisa, Jukka Lehto said there had been "some" response to Mattila's comments from customers but only a few dozen.

Lehto said that there was more reaction visible on social media, but said there was less response via phone calls or emails directly to the company.

Mattila's comments were published in a report by Helsingin Sanomat on Saturday.

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