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Tuesday's papers: Trump-Kim, Tampere drought and massive speeding fines

Finnish media was awash with coverage of the Trump-Kim summit in Singapore, but also found space for weather news and speeding fines.

Kim Jong-un ja Donald Trump tapaavat Singaporessa.
Kim Jong-un and Donald Trump dominated the media in Finland on Tuesday. Image: Kevin Lim / EPA

Like pretty much everywhere else on the planet, Finland's media was flooded with coverage of US President Donald Trump's back-slapping, thumbs-up summit with North Korean dictator Kim Jong-un.

The tabloid Ilta-Sanomat led with the intriguing headline 'Trump and Kim set to sign something', perhaps reflecting the haphazard nature of this nuclear diplomacy, while Aamulehti went with Kim's quote that the first meeting was 'like something from a scifi movie'.

Helsingin Sanomat, meanwhile, draws on a Finnish strand of pessimism to ask 'what happens if it all goes wrong?'. Happily for humanity, the expert HS sourced for this piece says that's unlikely. Zhao Tong of the Carnegie-Tsinghua Center for Global Policy says the US may lose leverage, as North Korea is likely to stop nuclear tests and reduce any desire in the international community to introduce tougher sanctions.

Dry spell to continue

Away from international politics, Finnish media is also preoccupied with the weather. As we head towards the gardening and summer cottage season, the dry spell is starting to grate.

Aamulehti reports that Tampere has seen less than one millimetre of rain in over a month, and meteorologists say that drought is set to continue. The high pressure system currently in situ could remain for several weeks, according to Jouni Räsänen, who was interviewed before a downfall overnight dampened the earth in Helsinki at least.

Tampere normally sees some 41 millimetres of rain in May.

Bumper Åland speeding fine-again

The richest man in Åland has a football stadium named after him, a tennis court in his back yard and an amphitheatre by his summer house, but he also earns some pretty massive speeding fines. Nya Åland reports that Anders Wiklöf was issued with a 63,800 euro fine on Saturday night after he was clocked at 71km/h in a 50km/h zone in the autonomous island province's capital, Mariehamn.

The 71-year-old millionaire, who owns both Nya Åland and a big chunk of the other main Åland paper Ålandstidningen, was given twelve 'day fines': penalties that equate to a certain percentage of the an individual's expected income on that day. He told Nya Åland that he was a little miffed.

"I just hope it goes to something good, like healthcare or schools," said Wiklöf. "I must accept my punishment, that's clear. But it's a bit weird that Åland's politicians haven't changed this law even though they said they would. It's unjust, there should be some kind of upper limit."

In 2013 Wiklöf had paid some 95,000 euros after being clocked at 77km/h in a 50km/ limit zone.

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