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Tukes recalls faulty 4-way adapters

A specific four-way adapter is likely to cause electric shocks due to a manufacturing error. Safety agency Tukes warns everybody to immediately stop using the product and to return it to the shop.

Celly UTC01 Multicharger 4 in 1 -adapteri
If you see or own this adapter (Celly UTC01 Multicharger 4-in-1), stop using it immediately and return it to the shop. Image: Tukes

The Finnish Safety and Chemicals Agency (Tukes) says that Finnish markets are selling a dangerous travel adapter that can cause electric shocks due to a manufacturing error.

Tukes has ordered the Celly UTC01 Multicharger 4-in-1 adapter to be immediately recalled from the market and for already sold units to be collected from consumers. The adapter is imported by Celly Nordic Oy and units have been sold in DNA multimedia stores as well as online.

Inspector general Seppo Niemi writes in a Tukes release that the travel adapter error is extremely serious as well as rare.

"The error causes the US and UK plugs to be live and exposed at once," Niemi says. "That means that users can get an electric shock if they touch the adapter while it's plugged in."

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