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Tuomioja: Peacekeeping focus back to UN

According to Foreign Minister Erkki Tuomioja, Finland must shift the focus of its peacekeeping efforts away from NATO-led operations and back towards operations conducted under the UN flag. At present, Finland has only around 20 military observers serving in United Nations operations.

Rauhanturvaajat leirissä aavikolla Pohjois-Afganistanissa.
Rauhanturvaajat leirissä aavikolla Pohjois-Afganistanissa. Image: YLE / Ville Mättö

Tuomioja told a YLE TV1 current affairs programme on Monday that Finland's contribution to UN peacekeeping is far too small. The government and president have already decided to send some 200 Finnish soldiers this coming spring to serve in UN operations in Lebanon.

However, according to the Foreign Minister, Finland has the capacity for even more participation in UN operations.

Tuomioja also said in the programme that the number of Finnish troops in Afghanistan will be cut back next year. At the moment, Finland has just slightly fewer than 200 soldiers in the NATO-led operation there.

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