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Tuomioja: Ukraine situation out of control

According to Finnish Foreign Minister Erkki Tuomioja the situation in Ukraine has spun out of control. He told Yle Saturday that the recent Geneva agreement could, however, still be the basis for moving towards settling the crisis.

Erkki Tuomioja
Finnish Foreign Minister Erkki Tuomioja. Image: Yle

Referring to the violent unrest that broke out Friday in Odessa, Tuomioja told Yle that it seems that there are groups operating in Ukraine who are under orders neither from Kiev or Moscow.

"This being the case, it should not be in anybody's interest for the violence toi ncrease further," said the Finnish Foreign Minister

Tuomioja expressed the hope that Russia will refrain from military action despite the events in Odessa, and will seek means with other parties involved to calm the situation.

"Unlike what Russia says, the Geneva agreement may still, however, be the basis on which it is possible to move forward. A national dialogue, which is also called for in the Geneva agreement, should now be started," he continued.

According to Russia, any hope of maintaining the agreement reached in Geneva was destroyed when the Ukraine military took armed action in eastern parts of Ukraine.

The Finnish Foreign Minister was also doubtful about the effectiveness of new sanctions against Russia.

"Sanctions won't put an end to this situation, and it should be the primary concern of everyone that more people do not die," said Tuomioja.

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