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Turku commemorates victims with flower ceremony

The south-western city of Turku has marked the one-month anniversary of a suspected terror attack with a ceremony by the River Aura. Meanwhile residents of Helsinki have been remembering a man who died a year ago after being attacked during a neo-Nazi demonstration.

Residents of Turku on Sunday honoured the victims of the stabbing attack in the city centre a month ago. City-dwellers were provided with a thousand flowers to throw into the River Aura from Library Bridge. Some also brought their own flowers.

The bridge is a few blocks from the scene of the August 18th assault, in which two people were killed and eight wounded. The incident is being investigated as terrorist attack.

The memorial observation was part of the annual Turku Day events.

Kaupunkilaisille oli varattu tuhat kukkaa. Myös omia kukkia sai tuoda.
The city supplied flowers for the memorial. Image: Ari Welling / Yle
The first flower was dropped by city council speaker Lauri Kattelus.

"We chose this site for the memorial ceremony because the River Aura is quite a strong symbol of Turku. This is a reverent, beautiful moment and it's wonderful to see so many city-dwellers along the banks of the Aura," said Kattelus.

Helsinki commemorates 2016 death

Meanwhile in central Helsinki candles and flowers have been laid this weekend at the site of a fatal attack during a neo-Nazi event a year ago.

Helsingin Asema-aukio muistotilaisuus 18. syyskuuta.
Candles by the Railway Station on Sept. 18, 2016. Image: Berislav Jurišić / Yle

A man who challenged the far-right demonstrators was assaulted on September 16, 2016, and died about a week later of his injuries. His assailant has appealed his two-year prison sentence.

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