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Turku to roll out city bikes next summer

Unlike Helsinki's programme which offers the bikes during the milder months of the year, Turku officials say the city will make their bikes available year-round.

Uusien kaupunkipyörien rivistöt Helsingin Narinkkatorilla maanantaina 2.5.
File photo of Helsinki's city bikes. Image: Kimmo Brandt / AOP

The south-west Finnish city of Turku, is joining Helsinki and many other cities around the world by introducing short-term bike rentals, which are commonly called city bikes.

Officials in Turku say the city is planning to start its own bike rental programme. They say that it will start the scheme by offering more than 300 bicycles which residents and visitors can rent for a few minutes or a few hours at a time.

The bicycles will be located at 37 bike rack stations across the city. If all goes to plan Turku's city bike programme will start on 1 May, 2018, the city says.

Worries over lost parking spaces

Last spring Helsinki expanded its two-year-old city bike programme and officials in the capital region plan on further expansion of the green transportation effort.

Turku's city council approved plans for the bicycles' use and the city bike station locations on Monday.

However, there was lengthy debate at Monday's council meeting, mostly due to concerns about the reduction of parking spaces that the bike stations would cause.

The council plans to revisit the issue of city bikes again next month, when it will decide prices of renting the bikes, among other matters.

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