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Twenty three people killed in road accidents in August

New data by Statistics Finland indicate that 422 traffic incidents involving personal injury occurred during the month.

Auton tuulilasi säröillä.
Of those killed, 12 were in cars and five were on motorcycles. Image: Henrietta Hassinen / Yle

According to Statistics Finland, 23 people were killed in road accidents in August. Seventeen of the fatalities were men and six were women.

Of those who died, 12 were travelling in cars and five were riding motorcycles. One pedestrian, two cyclists and three other road users were also killed.

Preliminary data revealed that 422 road accidents involving personal injury took place in August. In addition to the 23 people that were killed, 507 people sustained injuries. The data for this year was compared with corresponding figures for the previous year. There were two more deaths and 36 fewer injuries this August than the same month last year.

Most fatal accidents involved motor vehicles

According to the data, 2,595 road accidents resulting in personal injury occurred between January and August. A total of 145 people were killed and 3,298 injured: six more deaths and 283 fewer injuries than the same period last year.

A majority of the fatal incidents involved motor vehicles: 84 passenger cars, 20 motorcycles, six vans, three lorries and two mopeds. Additionally, 15 cyclists, nine pedestrians and six other road users were killed.

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