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Two barred Night Wolves MC members cross Finnish border

Two members of a Russian motorcycle club that was barred entrance to Poland last week for security reasons were allowed to cross the border into Finland this week.

Yön sudet -moottoripyöräjengiläisiä Moskovassa.
Members of the Russian motorcycle club Night Wolves gathered in Moscow last Saturday. Image: Juri Kochetkov / EPA

The Pro-Putin Russian motorcycle club Night Wolves MC planned to celebrate Victory Day on May 9 with a trip from Moscow to Berlin, but the government of Poland refused them entry and Germany cancelled the bikers' Schengen visas, causing some members of the club to change their route and drive north to Finland. The two club members that were allowed to enter the country were in possession of all the necessary travelling papers and are both expected to continue on to Berlin.

“We can confirm that two men we believe belong to the Night Wolves club have entered the country,” said Jaakko Ritola from the Finnish Border Guard.

The first biker arrived in Helsinki on Thursday and continued on directly to Sweden via a ferry. The second believed Night Wolf arrived Friday evening over a border crossing in southeast Finland.

The leader of the club wanted to extend his thanks to Finland for its sympathetic stance.

“I first want to say thank you to the Finns that you let our bikers come into your country. You didn't give into Europe's madness. You have your own independent policy within the EU and your own perspective when it comes to Victory Day,” Alexander “The Surgeon” Saldostanov told Yle.

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