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Two convicted in STT doping case

Two former skiing figures have been given conditional prison sentences for aggravated fraud at Helsinki District Court. The trial concerned a story written by the Finnish news agency STT that alleged that doping was widespread in Finnish skiing and that many leading figures in the Finnish Ski Association were aware of it.

Former cross-country skier Jari Räsänen and coach Pekka Vähäsöyrinki have been given suspended prison sentences in the so-called STT doping trial. Räsänen got a one-year jail term, while Vähäsöyrinki got a nine-month suspended sentence.

The court acquitted former FSA leaders Jari Piirainen and Antti Leppävuori of the same offence.

Räsänen and 18 leading figures from the Ski Association brought a libel case against STT. The journalist who wrote the article and the editor who approved it were both convicted, fined and ordered to pay compensation.

The prosecution case in the current trial was that Räsänen, Vähäsöyrinki, Leppävuori and Piirainen had made false statements in support of the libel prosecution, and that they benefitted financially from the original conviction.

The accused all denied the charges.

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