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Two dead in Pori crash, car split in half

Police say that a drunk driver drove a passenger car into a tree in the city of Pori late on Saturday night. Two passengers are reported dead, while the driver received only minor injuries.

Porissa kaksi ihmistä on kuoli kolarissa myöhään lauantaina-iltana 25.marraskuuta
The car was split in two after hitting a tree. Image: Toni Peltonen / Lehtikuva

Two men have died in a road traffic accident in the city of Pori, the South-Western Finland police department reports.

The alleged driver drove the car off the road at high speed at around 11:40 pm on Saturday night, crashing into a tree. Both victims were passengers in the car. The vehicle was split in half by the force of the collision. The driver tested positive for alcohol intoxication and received only minor injuries.

Police report that one of the deceased passengers is a Ukrainian man. Police are investigating the second victim's nationality.

The alleged driver, a Latvian man, is receiving hospital care. He is suspected of aggravated manslaughter, aggravated road safety endangerment and aggravated drunk driving.

Pori kartta
Pori, South-West Finland. Image: Yle Uutisgrafiikka

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