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Two die in head-on collision near Vaasa

An early-morning crash on a straight stretch of road claimed two lives on Independence Day.

Malax, a small, mostly Swedish-speaking municipality, is known as Maalahti in Finnish. Image: Google

Two people were killed on Wednesday morning when a car and a lorry collided shortly before 6 am in Malax (Maalahti), near Vaasa on Finland's west coast.

The crash occurred on Route 8 about five kilometres north of the village of Pörtom.

Commissioner Pasi Sillanpää of the Ostrobothnia police department says that the car drove into the front of the truck for unknown reasons on a straight stretch of road.

There was one passenger in the car. Both men died immediately.

There were also two people in the truck. They were taken to a health centre for a checkup. According to preliminary information, they were unhurt.

Sillanpää tells Yle that police and an investigator from the Safety Investigation Authority are probing the crash site.

One lane remained closed to traffic by mid-morning, but Sillanpää expects it to re-open within a few hours.

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