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Two Helsinki footballers suspected of serious sexual offences

One Atlantis player is suspected of aggravated rape.

Nainen potkaisee jalkapalloa
Stock photo. Two Atlantis FC players have been remanded into custody over sex offences. Image: John Berry/Getty Images

Two players at a Helsinki football club are suspected of aggravated sex and child abuse offences.

One player is suspected of rape, and another is suspected of aggravated rape of a child and aggravated child sexual abuse. The news was first reported by MTV Sport.

Atlantis chairman Tino Kinnunen confirmed to Yle that two of the club's players were in custody. Both players had a foreign background, but had lived in Finland for a while.

"This case is extremely regrettable, and the club cannot accept this kind of thing in any way," said Kinnunen. "We don't have any more information than that, but if the charges are proven, then naturally they cannot continue playing for Atlantis."

Helsinki district court remanded the pair and a third suspect into custody for offences that are alleged to have taken place between 12 and 18 July.

The district court has said charges must be brought or the case dropped by 26 October.

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