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Two people killed by lorry in eastern Finland

The victims were hit by an oncoming truck after exiting their car on the motorway near the municipality of Luumäki.

Luumäki is located about 50 kilometres from the eastern border. Image: Yle Uutisgrafiikka

Two individuals were killed on Sunday when a lorry struck them early in the morning on motorway 6. The incident occurred near the village of Jurvala, in the eastern Finland municipality of Luumäki.

The car that had transported the deceased reportedly stopped on the road - somewhat blocking traffic - shortly before 2am, when three of the four occupants exited the vehicle to settle an apparent dispute.

Two of the three were instantly killed when an oncoming truck slammed into the car and people. The third person who was standing outside the vehicle was injured, and the driver who had remained in the car was unhurt.

Police are investigating the incident. Because it was dark on the road when the collision took place, authorities are trying to determine whether the lorry driver had any possibility of seeing the people or the car before hitting them.

Updated at 5pm on 21 July to include new information.

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