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Two road deaths, five drownings over Midsummer

Road officials say holiday return traffic will peak from 2-7pm on Sunday.

Pelastusrengas Munkkiniemen venesatamassa Helsingissä.
Alcohol and open water is often a deadly combination during Midsummer in Finland. Image: Heikki Saukkomaa / Lehtikuva

Return traffic on Sunday should be relatively smooth, according to officials, as many residents are in no hurry to get back to the city as they start their summer holidays.

In southern and central Finland, motorists can look forward to sunny conditions. Up north, rain is causing wet driving conditions while gusty winds are in store nationwide.

Two road fatalities, five drownings

Holiday traffic claimed two lives this weekend. One young man died in Reisjärvi, central Finland, when he lost control of his car and ran off the road. In the southwestern town of Naantali another young man died from injuries he sustained after crashing his motorcycle into a passenger car. Several people suffered minor road traffic injuries over Midsummer.

So far, five people have drowned over the weekend.

Rescue workers around the country have been busy putting out illegal bonfires. Finnish law prohibits open fires when warnings for brush or forest fires are in force.

In northern Finland, wet and windy conditions put a damper on summer solstice festivities, with Oulu police reporting little activity in the area.

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