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Two suspects apprehended in connection with fake police scam

Police say they have detained two individuals in connection with a major criminal spree that saw fake police officers swindle hundreds of thousands of euros from elderly people in Finland.

Ruotsalaisia poliiseja kadulla.
A member of the Swedish police force Image: AOP

Finnish Police have held what they are calling two main suspects in a series of crimes involving scammers posing as fake police officers. The National Bureau of Investigation (NBI) says the police have described the criminal operation as the second-largest fake cop scam in Finnish history.

The NBI bulletin says the first suspect was detained in Sweden. The operation was carried out by the Swedish special ops group known as FAST, which specialises in capturing people wanted under international search warrants. The second suspect was apprehended on a cruise boat connecting the two Nordic countries, on the way to Finland from Sweden.

Suspected of being behind over 70 cases

The Eastern Finland Police Department has been investigating the incidents connected to the fake police scam. They allege that the two suspects are responsible for having swindled between 250,000 to 400,000 euros from elderly persons.

The eastern police unit says that it has received 70 reports of criminal offenses associated with the scam, and other cases that might be linked are also being investigated in the regions of Central Finland, Western Uusimaa, Oulu and Häme.

The NBI says in its bulletin that the suspects in question were imprisoned last autumn, but were released after an investigation. A travel ban was issued to restrict their mobility, but the police say the pair had relocated to Sweden at the turn of the year and were continuing their scam there.

The police also say they believe that the duo had received assistance from several people in Finland to continue the scam in Sweden.

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