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Ugandan officials: Traces of cocaine, poison found in remains of Finnish consultant

Ugandan officials say they found traces of cocaine and a pesticide in the remains of a Finnish businessman who was found dead in a Kampala hotel room earlier this month.

Pearl of Africa -hotelli Kampalassa Ugandassa.
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There were traces of cocaine and an unspecified pesticide in the remains of a Finnish businessman who was found dead in a Kampala hotel room at the beginning of February, according to Ugandan police officials in a news interview on Ugandan television on Tuesday.

It was also reported that an unspecified brown substance was seen in the victim's mouth. Police said that there did not appear to be any signs of a struggle or that a crime had been committed where the body was discovered.

The Finnish businessman had reportedly been in Uganda to independently promote products for the majority state-owned Finnish defence contractor Patria. Since then, two high ranking Patria officials had left their posts due to fallout from the incident.

The victim's remains have already reached Finland, where an autopsy is scheduled to be carried out.

Uganda paper: Several foreigners died in Uganda in February

Due to the occupation of the deceased Finn, the incident sparked broad media coverage in both Uganda and Finland. On Tuesday Yle correspondent in Uganda Teemu Juhola reported that two other foreigners visiting the country had also died of hypoxia recently.

A Swedish national as well as a German man had both apparently died of similar causes, according to the correspondent.

Ugandan news outlet Daily Monitor reported on Tuesday that a total of five foreign nationals — including the Finnish national — have died in the country under questionable circumstances between the dates of February 5-19.

In Uganda, tests of the Finnish consultant's blood, liver, kidneys and urine were analysed by a forensics team, according to the interview with police which aired ahead of a police press conference on the matter scheduled later in the day.

A police official told the TV news channel that the victim had arrived to Uganda with a female politician on February 5.

The official said the victim and the female had stayed at the Pearl of Africa Hotel in rooms 816 and 810. The victim was found in his room at the hotel in early February, and his travel companion was former Finnish minister Suvi Lindén, who was initially detained by local police as part of the death investigation, but later released.

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