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Universal Music Acquires Finnish Indie Record Labels

Universal Music has announced the purchase of three major Finnish record companies. Among them is the legendary Love Records label. The Siboney and Johanna labels are also part of the deal.

Yksi Love Recordsin ja Johannan suosituimpia yhtyeitä oli Hanoi Rocks. Image: YLE/ Noora Siekkinen

These labels have helped artists such as Hanoi Rocks, Hurriganes, Wigwam and Juice Leskinen to fame.

The pioneering Finnish indie record concern has been in co-operation with Universal Music for many years. Universal has been responsible for the distribution and sales of Johanna and Siboney discs.

Universal Music CEO Jarkko Nordlund stresses that despite the company’s multinational nature and size, it remains committed to promoting local culture.

”We believe this joining of forces will give Johanna and Love artists the opportunity to reach new audiences,” he says.

A significant portion of Finnish popular music history is found in the catalogues of the Love, Johanna and Siboney labels.

Love Records, founded in 1966, gave a voice to many emerging Finnish rock and pop bands. The label also released jazz, folk and radical political music.

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