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University offers open admission to engineering applicants

The Satakunta University of Applied Sciences (SAMK) in western Finland has announced that it will begin admitting all applicants who have received a C (good) in long math or an E (excellent) in short math on their matriculation examinations, with the aim of enticing more students to study engineering.

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A university of applied sciences in the western coastal city of Pori will begin taking students who have received at least a C in the long course of study in mathematics or an E in the short course of study on the basis of their matriculation exam results in this area alone. The school is trying to entice more recent graduates to study engineering with the move.

The Finnish Matriculation Examination is held biannually, every autumn in September and every spring between the beginning of February and the end of March. Available in all three of Finland's languages, the tests in Finnish are taken at the same time throughout Finland. In several tests, there are two possible levels of difficulty, to coincide with the students’ choice to study a long or short course in upper secondary school.

In practice the new entrance requirements mean that students who fulfil the grade limit and apply to a technical degree programme at SAMK as their first study choice will not be required to attend a separate entrance exam.

“Students who have received the matriculation exam grade that is stipulated have already demonstrated that they possess the skills necessary for the study of technology that is determined in the entrance exam. We also are seeking to increase students’ interest in the field,” says SAMK’s student services manager Janne Santala.

Even if the applicant applies to SAMK as a second or third choice, they are still guaranteed a study spot, but are required to sit the entrance exam along with the other applicants.

The automatic admission applies to students who are interested in studying in SAMK engineering programmes towards degrees in energy and environmental engineering, logistics, civil and structural engineering, electrical engineering and automation, industrial engineering and ICT.

The application period for Finland’s polytechnics this year is from March 17 to April 9.

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