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Up to €1m for schools to combat online child predation

The funding can be used to hire teachers, counsellors and special assistants to help develop kids' media literacy skills.

Puhelimen näytössä lukee #MeToo
Image: Britta Pedersen / AOP

The Ministry of Education and Culture has launched a special funding programme to help protect young people against online predators. The initiative will see the ministry provide up to one million euros for primary and pre-schools for media literacy training for their youngsters.

The ministry said that it hopes the funding will be used to support programmes that train children to operate safely and prudently online, and specifically to examine the terms of use and privacy settings of different services.

"Online predation and abuse is a worrying trend that must be fought decisively. It is the responsibility of us adults to offer children and young adults enough support and information so they can operate safely in social media and elsewhere online," Education Minister Li Andersson said in a statement.

Schools can use the funding for purposes such as hiring teachers, teaching assistants and counsellors. At the end of 2018, police in Oulu had warned of online predators follow reports of a series of child sexual abuse allegations.

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