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Up to 20cm of Mother’s Day snow greets mums in eastern Finland

Spring’s many faces and moods greeted mums across Finland on Mother’s Day. Some celebrated the occasion in summery weather, while others in areas like Kainuu in eastern Finland contended with up to 20cm of snow.

Snowmen turned up in gardens in Kainuu on Mother's Day. Image: Ville Kinnunen / Yle

Brilliant sunshine and relatively balmy Mother’s Day weather greeted mothers in some parts of southern Finland, but in other parts of the country, mums woke to a completely different scenario.

According to the Finnish Meteorological Institute, FMI, in Kuhmo, which lies in the southeastern corner of Kainuu in the east, the heavens dumped some 26cm of snow on Sunday.

In other parts of the eastern region, snowfall measured 20cm. However in areas such as Kajani and Sotkamo, the precipitation was more moderate, averaging just over 10cm.

The last time that so much snow was recorded in a 24-hour period between May 1 and 20 was in 1997.

By Sunday, Kainuu municipalities such as Paljakka in Puolanka had accumulated up to 93cm of snow on the ground, while other areas such as Pesiö in Suomissalmi had 53cm and Kajaani 13cm.

Image: Ville Kinnunen / Yle

"There won’t be any spring at this rate. I don’t think any sense of humour is enough for this. We still have to believe that at least summer will come," lamented Kajani resident Virpi Schroderus.

"A normal Finnish spring, these years all seem the same. I think this is all part of Finnish nature, and we can’t do anything about it. I think we can expect a good summer," Ilmari Pulkkinen commented.

East to warm up on Tuesday

Meanwhile, as Kainuu residents were building snowmen, residents of southern Finland were basking in much-anticipated springtime highs of up to 15 degrees Celsius.

On Monday conditions in Kainuu remained frigid, with daytime highs hovering just above zero, and expected to fall below freezing overnight. Road conditions will also be poor.

However there’ll be a change for the better on Tuesday, as eastern residents will get to enjoy their share of sunshine and warmth as temperatures climb to 10 degrees. Rain is in the forecast for Wednesday, tempering Tuesday’s warmth and pushing daytime highs down to five degrees Celsius.

In other parts of Finland conditions will dry up towards Monday evening, with the sun emerging throughout, even in the east. A weather front will bring some rain to the south, but will dissipate during the course of the day.

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