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Vaasan Leipomo to close 4 bakeries

Vaasan Leipomo, one of Finland's biggest bread brands, is to close four bakeries with the expected loss of 207 jobs.

Vaasan leipomo
Image: Sauli Antikainen / Yle

Finland's second-oldest bakery is closing three of its production facilities. Vaasan Leipomo said the closings of its bakeries in the cities of Tampere, Kuopio and Seinäjoki will result in the loss of up to 207 jobs.

The company will also stop production of pastry products at its Vantaa plant and boost efficiency at its plant in Joutseno in southern Karelia.

The firm has previously announced plans for layoffs at the Joutseno plant next year. Vaasan—which was acquired by the Swedish company Lantmännen last year—has operations across the Nordic and Baltic countries. 

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