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Valio recalls baby formula over contamination fears

The recall applies to one-litre Valio Tuuti baby formula packages with a best-before date of 3 January, 2020.

Valio Tuuti® 1 äidinmaidonkorviketta 1 litran pakkauksessa.
A one-litre carton of Valio Tuuti baby formula. Image: Valio

Valio has announced that it is withdrawing a batch of Valio Tuuti baby formula from stores due to suspected quality defects in the packaging that may have affected the contents.

The batch in question is one-litre sized cartons with a best-by date of 3 January, 2020. Consumers can safely use other batches and sizes of the same product, the company said in a statement on Tuesday.

According to Valio, this particular batch of baby formulas has faulty packaging that could result in bulging. The company recommended avoiding using the defective cartons altogether. The formula inside may be lumpy or have a strange smell or taste. It could go bad or may already be contaminated due to the packaging defect, Valio said.

Children who consume the affected formula might experience symptoms such as an upset stomach, it warned. It added that there is no cause for concern if the child has already eaten formula from this particular batch as long as the packaging and contents appeared normal.

This is not the first time that this product has been recalled. Valio also withdrew tainted batches of Valio Tuuti from stores in 2018 and 2017.

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