Valio recalls tainted baby formula

The dairy company says consumers who have bought Tuuti infant formula with a best-by date of 12 May should return it to a store for a refund.

äidinmaidonkorvike tuuti
Three versions of the Tuuti formula may be affected. Image: Valio

Finland's largest dairy company, Valio has withdrawn a batch of milk-based infant formula and follow-on formula from shelves.

The sell-by date on the Tuuti products is May 12, 2017. Air may have been let into the formula due to a machine malfunction, which can lead to the liquid going off. A faulty product will smell and taste bad and may include clumps. The company says it must not be used.

The item should be returned for a refund at the store where it was purchased.

The milk products were produced at Valio's Turenki plant near Hämeenlinna.

The products affected by the recall are labelled with a best-by date of 12.5.201 and the following descriptions: Valio Tuuti 1 maitopohjainen äidinmaidonkorvike 500 ml UHT, Valio Tuuti 2 maitopohjainen vieroitusvalmiste 500 ml UHT and Valio Tuuti 2 maitopohjainen vieroitusvalmiste 1 l UHT.

Valio says it has informed wholesalers and retailers, who are removing the defective products from sale, and apologises for the mishap.

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