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Vallila killer receives more prison time over Tampere attack

Pirkanmaa District Court has handed down a prison term to the Vallila teen killer.

Muistokynttilät Päijänteentie 19 edustalla
File photo from the Vallila crime scene pictured in November 2020. Image: Pekka Tynell / Yle

Pirkanmaa District Court has sentenced a 16 year-old who is now serving nine years for stabbing an 18 year-old man to death in Helsinki's Vallila neighbourhood to more time in prison over additional manslaughter and robbery charges.

Pirkanmaa District Court has added another two years and three months to his term for stabbing a man in Tampere last October.

The Pirkanmaa court said it took the current ruling, issued in February, into account in its sentencing decision. Judges handed the 16-year-old’s accomplice, a 15-year-old boy, a one-year juvenile punishment, which focuses on rehabilitation. A third accomplice, a 15-year-old girl, was given 30 day-fines for disturbing the peace.

Knife attack

The case hinged on the boys taking the 15-year-old’s mother’s car for a joyride with the intention of robbing someone.

In Tampere’s Kaukajärvi district the teens noticed a man walking. Armed with a knife, the 16-year-old approached the man and demanded money. The victim refused, leading the 16-year-old to stab him in the stomach, thigh and leg.

Prosecutors alleged that he stabbed the man over a five-euro note.

The Pirkanmaa court ruled that the victim would have succumbed to his injuries without hospital treatment. After the stabbing, the duo fled the scene by car, stopping to steal 50 litres of gasoline from a petrol station and pick up a 15-year-old girl.

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