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Valmet Automotive's planned factory in Salo to create 300 jobs

The new plant would start production of car batteries later this year.

Autonrakennusta Uudenkaupungin autotehtaalla
About 4,500 people work at Valmet Automotive's plant in Uusikaupunki. Image: Paula Collin / Yle

Valmet Automotive plans to open a car battery plant in the southwestern town of Salo, the company announced on Thursday. Recruitment for about 300 workers would start as soon as possible while production is expected to begin later this year, Valmet said in a statement.

According to the company, the plant would be located at a space previously occupied by Nokia’s mobile phone factory at Salo’s IoT Campus.

“Salo offers world-class engineering and manufacturing knowledge as well as infrastructure that meets our needs,” Valmet Automotive’s chief executive Olaf Bongwald said.

Salo's Mayor Lauri Inna is pleased about the news.

“Salo is a great place for Valmet, and I consider it highly likely that these plans will materialise,” said Inna.

Since Microsoft closed its unit in Salo in 2015, the town has suffered from a high unemployment rate and falling property prices.

About 4,500 people work at Valmet Automotive's plant in Uusikaupunki, southwestern Finland, where Mercedes-Benz vehicles are manufactured under contract with Daimler.

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