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Vandals "blind" speed cameras in Helsinki with orange paint

Police say that about six cameras in Tuusula were apparently painted over sometime between Thursday and Friday.

Oranssilla maalilla töhritty nopeusvalvontakamera.
Someone blinded one-eyed traffic cops in Tuusula with orange paint. Image: Varpu Helpinen / Yle

Motorists on the road Friday morning were surprised to see speed cameras smeared with orange paint. Three of the affected traffic monitoring cameras were located along Tuusulanväylä’s Helsinki-bound lane, while three others were on the route to Hyrylä. Some of the one-legged watchdogs were completely covered in paint, while others only had the opening for the camera lenses painted over.

Head of the police traffic safety unit, Superintendent Dennis Pasterstein, said that he was aware of the reports of vandalism.

”All of the new traffic cameras in Hyrylä have been defaced,” Pasterstein confirmed.

He said that the acts of vandalism apparently took place during the past 24 hours, perhaps on Thursday night, since the cameras had been intact on Thursday.

Consequences if caught

”It's very stupid to waste public funds like this,” he noted, adding that if the perpetrators are caught, they could be charged with vandalism or even aggravated vandalism.

The superintendent pointed out however that the silent traffic cops had been newly-installed and were not yet operational, so the mystery miscreants had essentially wasted their time.

Pasterstein noted that similar cases of mischief-making occasionally occur in Finland, pointing to a rash of identical deeds in eastern Finland last winter.

”We always book a criminal report and if [someone is] caught, there are consequences,” he warned.

The traffic boss said that the new traffic cameras will become operational during the summer. The speed limit on the roads in question is 60 kilometres per hour.

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