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Vanhanen Says Gun Legislation Should Be Reconsidered

Prime Minister Matti Vanhanen wants to examine whether or not legislation concerning hand guns should be amended. In an interview on YLE Radio on Sunday, Vanhanen said that the possibility that hand guns should be kept at sports clubs and target ranges, and not allowed to be taken into the home should be considered.

In the interview, Vanhanen said that amending the law on firearms with respect to storage of weapons involves many difficult questions.

However, he also said that home storage of weapons of the kind that were used in the Jokela shootings on Wednesday, which can emit almost sustained fire, presents great problems. In his view, the possibility amending firearms legislation needs to be examined, in the wake of the Jokela killings.

The Prime Minister also said that universities in the United States have offered their assistance in the aftermath of the shootings.

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