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Väyrynen: Finland should leave euro

Former Centre party MP Paavo Väyrynen wants Finland to leave the single European currency. He wrote on his blog that Finland should leave the euro because of the deepening Eurozone debt crisis.

Paavo Väyrynen
Paavo Väyrynen Huonomminkin olisi voinut käydä -kirjansa julkaisutilaisuudessa eduskunnassa helmikuussa. Image: YLE

He said that Finland was getting into a situation where supporting fellow Eurozone members was becoming an unreasonable burden.

Väyrynen is a long-standing eurosceptic who filibustered the parliamentary debate on Finland’s entry to the EU, before becoming an MEP.

He was a victim of the Centre party’s drubbing in the recent election, losing his seat in parliament. He has declared his intention to run in next year’s presidential election, but has been frustrated by his party’s reluctance to openly endorse his candidacy.

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