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Vietnamese man accused of human trafficking

Ostrobothnia District Court Monday began its examination of a human trafficking case which centres on Vietnamese citizens brought to Finland for work.

Närpiön ihmiskauppasyyte Pohjanmaan käräjäoikeudessa.
The trial got underway in Vaasa on Monday. Image: Roy Fogde/Yle

The prosecution alleges that a Vietnamese overseer brought workers from their native country to Närpes, where they were forced to work in a greenhouse.

The Vietnamese supervisor is accused of human trafficking and of ill-treating the workers.

The man is suspected of luring seven people from Vietnam to Finland with the promise of a secure job and a good salary. However, the alleged victims were forced to pay money to the accused while still on home soil, and had forced-labour-type conditions inflicted on them once in Finland.

Compensation for overwork and suffering

The prosecution and the plaintiffs, who consist of both Vietnamese men and women, are demanding compensation for overwork and personal suffering. The alleged trafficking of human beings is to have taken place in Närpes between 2008-2012.

Also, the Närpes-based greenhouse entrepreneur is accused of discrimination in the workplace. Amongst other penalties, he faces a 15,000 euro fine.

The court has reserved a total of three days for the trial.

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