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Visiting airship draws crowds

The airship Pegasos, operated by the EU's Pan-European Gas-Aerosol-Climate Interaction Study, flew into Finland on Wednesday, drawing crowds as scientists on board prepared to carry out a series of air quality measurements.

Zeppeliini Jämijärvellä 1. toukokuuta.
The airship Pegasos at Jämijärvi on May 1st. Image: Yle

Landing with its crew of two aviators and two scientists just after 5 PM, the rare sight of a Zeppelin drew a crowd of 200-300 people to a field at Jämijärvi in Satakunta.

The 75-metre long rigid airship is carrying equipment for studying the earth's atmosphere and measuring air quality. The project is aimed at gaining a deeper understanding of how emissions created by humankind impact climate change.

The Pegasos will be making research flights in Finland, mainly in the Jämijärvi-Juupajoki area, up until mid-June.

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