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VR to stop cash ticket sales aboard long-distance trains

The state railway's new point of sales devices aboard long-distance trains will only accept credit or debit cards as of September.

Konduktööri nousemassa junanvaunuun.
Image: Roger Källman / Yle

In a few months time passengers won't be able to pay for tickets with cash on-board Finnish trains.

VR, the state railways, announced on Wednesday that the new point of ticket sales units carried by conductors will no longer allow for cash transactions on long-distance trains as of September.

The company said in a press release that only card transactions will be accepted, including the Visa Electron card that previously VR has had difficulties with aboard trains owing to technical difficulties.

According to VR, cash is so rarely used to pay for tickets on trains that it doesn’t cover the costs of cash handling. More than 99 percent of people in Finland pay for their tickets in advance or use a credit or debit card to pay for their tickets in the train says VR.

VR is also renewing its webstore, mobile apps and ticket automats.

”We’re aiming to make the transition as flexible as possible. A long transition time will allow us to inform people through different channels about the use of other forms of payment,” said Maisa Romanainen, VR's Director of Passenger Services, in the press release.

VR stopped selling tickets altogether on local trains in summer 2017.

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