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Warm days, but cold nights in the forecast

Even though spring is making headway in Finland, the thermometer is still slipping well below freezing at night. Warmer weekend weather in on its way, but motorists who intend to drive at night are being advised to continue using winter tyres.

Auringonottaja keväisessä helsingissä.
Image: Martti Kainulainen / Lehtikuva

Sub-zero overnight temperatures will continue for at least the rest of this week, says Yle Meteorologist Kerttu Kotakorpi.

"The mornings are getting warmer as the days get longer, so before long we can toss aside our knitted caps. However, it is tough to maybe a forecast a week ahead because night temperatures below freezing are quite normal at this time of year," Kotakorpi points out.

An end to night frosts will only come with more humid and cloudy weather. According to Kerttu Kotakorpi the clear dry skies currently over most of the country are likely to give way to more humidity, especially in southern and central regions, as we head into next week.

Tonight temperatures in the north are likely to dip to as low as -10C to -15C. In southern areas, overnight temperatures are forecast down to -3C to -7C.

Motorists who intend to drive at night are being advised to continue using winter tyres.

Warm weekend

With the weather warming, southern and central parts of the country are expected to soon move into what is called "thermal spring" - the period during which temperatures remain between 0 and +10C around the clock.

Meteorologist Kerttu Kotakorpi says that at least during the day this weekend, temperatures should be higher than average for the time of year.

"Temperatures in the south this weekend may top 15 degrees, the kind of weather we had a taste of on Monday. Even northern regions will be above 5 degrees."

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