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Warm New Year's Eve to be followed by freezing start to 2017

The weather will be unseasonably warm on New Year's Eve, but the beginning of January looks to bring chilling subzero temperatures with it.

Jääkiteitä ikkunassa
Fire and ice: warm days will be followed by a freezing snap, meteorologists warn Image: Marja Väänänen / Yle

Around the New Year temperatures in the south of Finland will be in flux around the 0 degrees Celsius mark, and between -5 and -10 degrees in the north.

Daytime highs during this time will be unusually warm, rising to up and around 5 degrees Celsius.

The snow front moving over Lapland overnight Friday may bring some snowfall there, while precipitation will be moderate or slight elsewhere in the country.

On New Year's Eve cloud cover will vary, but most of the country is expected to be dry. The unseasonable warmth will be followed by a cold snap immediately after the clocks have struck 12 pm, so outdoorsy revelers should dress accordingly.

Next week temperatures will continue to plummet, accompanied by clear and even sunny skies.

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