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Warm weather prompts migratory birds to extend stay in Finland

Unusually mild weather and foggy mornings have caused many migratory birds to delay their departure south, according to Birdlife Finland.

Muuttava kurkipari matkalla pohjoiseen Israelin Hula-laaksosta.
File of flying cranes. Image: EPA / Abir Sultan

The skies over Finland have not been filled with birds headed south for the winter this past week, as they usually are this time of year.

But the visiting birds will take off in droves once the first cold weather arrives, predicts ornithology group Birdlife Finland.

Insect-eating migratory birds are expected to start their southward journeys any time now. These birds are most visible in areas of the archipelago and on the south coast, where thousands have gathered before heading further afar.

On the other hand, predatory birds and cranes tend to wait for clear weather and northern winds before departing for the winter, according to Birdlife.

For example around 9,000 cranes have gathered in the municipality of Muhos, just southeast of the western coastal city of Oulu, in preparation for the journey south.

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Lintu istuu oksistossa.
File photo of goldfinch. Image: Jouko Aaltonen

More than 4,000 goldfinches were also spotted from atop the Hanko bird station in southernmost Finland in recent days, according to the birding group.

A member of Birdlife International, Birdlife Finland is the central organisation for around 30 local birding groups around the country.

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