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Warm weekend ahead as Åland sets latest November heat record

The mercury hit 16.6 degrees at Mariehamn airport on Friday, beating Tuesday’s record-breaking high of 14.7 in Pori.

Suuri Ahvenanmaan lippu kerrostalon parvekkeella Maarianhaminassa.
File photo of the flag of Åland hanging from a balcony window in Mariehamn. Image: Henri Salonen / Yle

Finland's November high temperature record has been broken for the second time in four days as a measuring station at Mariehamn airport in Åland recorded a measurement of 16.6 degrees Celsius on Friday.

This beats the previous record of 14.7, which was set at Pori airport on Finland’s west coast on Tuesday.

The previous record high for November was registered in 2015, when the mercury hit 14.3 degrees on the island municipality of Kimitoön (Kemiönsaari) in the southwest of Finland.

Friday’s unseasonably warm temperatures have not just been confined to Åland, with stations in the cities of Turku and Rauma reporting measurements of 13 degrees Celsius.

"Temperatures have been really high. At this time of year, the average daily maximum temperature should be 4.4 degrees in Turku and 5.6 degrees in Mariehamn," Yle meteorologist Anne Borgström said, adding that she expects the sunny spells to continue into the weekend.

Father's Day will be an "unbelievably beautiful day"

The forecast for Sunday, which is Father’s Day in Finland, is for sunny and clear conditions.

"Sunday will be a very sunny, windy and unbelievably beautiful day," Borgström added. "Actually, only Lapland and Eastern Finland will be windy. However, temperatures on Sunday are five degrees lower than on Saturday."

Borgström warns however that the rain clouds are set to return at the beginning of next week.

"On Monday, there may be some sleet in Eastern Lapland while in the south there may be rain showers on Monday night. However, the amount of rainfall will be very small," she added.

Viinkoloppu on aurinkoinen lähes koko maassa.
Sunny and clear conditions over the weekend will give away to some rain clouds on Monday. Image: Yle

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