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Warm weekend on the way, temperature could rise above 15 degrees

Finnish spring proceeds apace, with street dust causing especially poor air quality in Espoo and Kokkola. Rain forecast for Sunday may help ease that situation.

Video: Narsisseja kukkalaatikossa.
Kevät etenee nyt nopeasti. Näin maanantaina satanut lumi suli pois maasta Hyvinkäällä. Video: Yle

Finland is set for warmer weather over the weekend, with Saturday to herald in the warmest weather of the week. Yle meteorologist Marjo Hoikkanen says the temperature could hit 15 degrees Celsius in the south, perhaps even higher on the coast. In the Oulu region temperatures are forecast to reach 10 degrees, while in Lapland the mercury will remain at around five.

"Friday and Saturday will be quite clear and sunny," said Hoikkanen.

On Sunday a band of rain is forecast to arrive, bringing the risk of showers in the south and west. Hoikkanen says the rain will have its uses.

"The still, dry weather has worsened air quality," said Hoikkanen. "Rain helps ease the street dust situation."

In recent days air quality has been poor at many measuring stations, with none recording good air quality. In Espoo and Kokkola the air quality was recorded as especially poor.

There's more weather information in English at the website of the Finnish Meteorological Institute.

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