Wärtsilä concludes retrenchment talks – 110 jobs to go in Finland

Finnish power systems manufacturer Wärtsilä said Friday that it had settled on eliminating 110 jobs following conclusion of talks relating to payroll cuts.

Wärtsilän Vaasan tuotantolaitos helmikuussa 2012.
The company said that nearly 100 positions would be struck off the payroll in Vaasa. Image: Lehtikuva

Wärtsilä said that the job cuts will affect permanent positions in its Marine Solutions units and also includes individuals moving into retirement. The company blamed the decision on the weak market situation in the sector. The Marine Solutions division manufactures motors, guidance systems and propellers for commercial shipping.

The bulk of the cuts will focus on the company’s Vaasa unit, where close to 100 workers will be dropped from the payroll - the company said it is hoping to finalise the procedure by the end of November.

Employer and employee negotiators also agreed on possible furloughs as a means of limiting the number of direct job cuts. Wärtsilä had originally indicated that it would have to axe 160 jobs in Finland.

The precise number of staff to experience temporarily layoffs and the means of implementation will vary depending on need and circumstances, the company said.

At the end of September Wärtsilä had a total of just over 3,600 personnel on the books in Finland. Back in July the company announced that it would be implementing a global restructuring programme as a result of a sluggish international market.

It was then estimated that the reorganisation programme would lead to the discharge of some 600 positions worldwide.

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