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Watch: Defence Forces recover over 100 wartime aerial shells

Defence Force officials recorded video of their recovery of 105 wartime aerial bombs from the waters of Lake Saimaa in southeast Finland. Dubbed "Operation Crab", the entire exercise took defence officials two weeks to complete.

Video: Kaksi lentopommia on nostettu jään päälle
Army divers participated in one of the country's largest operations involving the recovery of wartime shells. Video: Video: Puolustusvoimat / Maasotakoulu

One of the country’s largest recovery operations involving war era bombs concluded in Lappeenranta in southeast Finland last Friday. The location of the unexploded ordnance was just about two kilometers from the Lappeenranta city centre.

The 100-plus 50-kilogram German aerial bombs were discovered by divers at the bottom of the Saimaa Lake in two sacks. Officials initially believed that roughly 70 shells were buried in the sediment at the bottom of the lake.

Assisting in the recovery was a detail of Army divers, one of whose missions is to retrieve wartime explosives from local waterways.

The recovered material was transported to neighbouring Taipalsaari, where they will be destroyed. The bombs were believed to have been stored in an armory that operated in the area during the 1940s. They were apparently dumped in the lake when the depot was shut down.

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